So all sorts of fun stuff! My 29 gallon reef tank decided to overflow with no end in sight. So I'm going to fix the problem by drilling the tank. Thankfully, I have a diamond grit hole saw from my final project in Art 106 when I built a mushroom fish tank. It didn't work quite how I'd hoped, but one day I'll build a big mushroom tank with etched glass. It will be awesome.

So the process of fixing my tank began with removing everything from my tank and transferring all the fish to the 20 gallon pictured left. My corals are in my sump which is now running independently while I clean the 29. I'll be doing that this afternoon. Once it's clean, I'm going to be enlisting the help of a friend to hose down the glass while I drill. The cold water from the hose will keep the glass from heating up enough to break. If you've never drilled glass before, don't start with your tank! It's easy to screw up. Either  get a friend who knows how to drill glass, or practice a bit on a broken tank or some spare pieces of glass.

After I cut the glass, Lowes will become my best friend. Thankfully, it's right next door to my job. I'll need a bulkhead, a pvc elbow and a few other various parts. I'll go through the step by step as I move along.

Eventually, I'll be done. The new overflow will be gravity fed like most other saltwater tanks. I had tried to get out of using 

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