How it started.
After closing on the condo, the first thing that had to be done was tearing out the fish closet. The carpet and linoleum had to be removed. Shelves were taken out temporarily. We discovered a huge crack in the foundation that had to be sealed so that was a major project. Then, we put down Carribean Blue Slate tiles. They are 12 x 12 and were on sale at Lowe's. Mom was a huge help on that floor and it looks awesome!

Next up, I had to paint the walls. 18" horizontal stripes on the short walls made the space feel larger and the solid dark blue on the walls that will have fish tanks create calm feel for the fish.

Into the attic we went to install the wiring for the outlets that my tanks will run off of. While up there, Dad and I went to work on installing a second light, this light is a recessed that was on clearance at Lowe's and is rated for outdoor use. With the electrical done, we left the attic.

Next up, was adding the washer/dryer to their half of the closet and re-installing the shelves. Of course, I had taken out the wood baseboards, so now the Flex-co rubber baseboards had to be installed. That was an extremely simple process. 

 Finally, the tanks went in. They look nice and there is plenty of room for my upgrade this summer when I get the 110. :)

The 18" stripes
The 29 after the move
Picked this tank at the Salvation Army for $8 and it's now in the fish closet after some reno.
I even have room to store tanks and items that I'm trying to sell!
The completed fish closet

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