My gosh! It's been a month since school started already???? Yikes! Well, that first week Lili  (she's from China) and I went went to see the comedian. We ran into Ashlin and Paisley there. It's great seeing people on campus again. Then, I don't remember much to be quite honest. The rest of the month has been an even split between school, work and fish. So, the updates in that order.

I'm enjoying Analytical Chemistry and I'm taking organic.  Then, I have psychology, which rotates between interesting and not, and my honors class. The honors class is somewhat interesting, mostly I find the views of all the different majors towards science to be interesting. I caught the first bug of the semester and it was awful! I'm still dealing with the sinus drainage from it and can't seem to stop coughing. I was able to start up the latest round of my freshwater aquaria experiment, that made me very happy. :)

Work is good as always. I love my job at ITS, I really do. We did have an issue with the vhs to dvd converter though, so I'm a bit backlogged on conversions right now. I know where I'll be this weekend. 

Now, as for fish. This is a story. The Gourami's in my office are doing very well. They're really easy to keep and I've quite enjoyed them as they're quite active. They also come to see me whenever I  walk in. Kelly's 29 gallon tank is still doing very well. And if anyone is looking for a pet mouse or two, please let me know. The firefish, Cinnabon and Spazzy (the marble molly) get along very well in her 29 gallon tank. Eventually, my 29 will be finished. My stand is progressing slowly. I was going to build my refugium, but discovered that I could save ~$50 if I could afford to loose 5 gallons of water. I had to rework my stocking plans a good bit, but finally came up with a good solution and bought the 10 gallon sump today for $14. This will also save me a lot of time as now all I have to do is get the divider set up properly, and finish my overflow . I'm a bit sad to be loosing the 5 gallons, but the good news is, that it will be very easy to remove the 10 gallon if I ever have need to. Now as for my 10 gallon saltwater nano, well I got a clown goby (who I adore) and now I have ich. *sigh* Now I'm treating that tank, but first I had to pull my corals and inverts out of the tank. None of the other tanks have it and I figure that is mostly due to the lack of sand bed as those parasites reproduce and grow in it. Basically though, that tank is quarantined until May. This has instilled the need for a quarantine tank though and since they are in there for 6 weeks, I put a lot of thought into what exactly I wanted. Most people simply set up a 10 or a 20 gallon tank, but the fish simply don't have the swimming room in there and I don't have the space for either size. So I discovered the bookshelf tank. 7 gallons of water with the length of a 20 gallon and a slightly smaller width than the 10 and it's shorter. It even comes as a kit with a fluorescent light. It's perfect for my spacing and will work wonderfully for fish. Once I'm done stocking, I'll put my firefish in it and get him a buddy and be done new tanks for awhile. At least, that's the plan.

As for my 55 gallon tank, I have decided that I must part with two of my catfish. I am sad to say it, but they will not thrive properly in my tank with three other catfish around. So two of them leave on Saturday to a very nice tank with someone who will take good care of them. I'm happy about where they are going, just sad that they are leaving.

That's all I've got for now. I have a paper due tomorrow and I must revise it.

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