All of the Korean and Chinese students made it here safely. It's been really cool seeing them around campus already. There has also been activity on the group page for my graduating class. Basically, we seem to agree, that since we know what to expect, we're not near as excited about Monday as the freshmen are to leave home and go to school. Don't get me wrong, we all love Lander, we just know what to expect and as such see Monday as the start of the next four months of endless studying, whereas the freshman generally believe they can get here and party instead of studying. Failing that first big test is usually the turning point for them, especially with scholarships on the line. 

Anyway, I made a bunch of meat buns and passed them out. I didn't hear any complaints and I didn't have any complaints. I'll have to make some more soon. Ashlin wants a bun filled with banana pudding, topped with whipped cream, and cinnamon sugar sprinkled over the whip cream. This what I've missed most since I've been back. The companionship that we had on the asia trip was awesome, but we got back and all had to attend to life. Now we're getting back to campus so we can at least see each other. We all agree that we need to have a reunion. That would be awesome.

Just because I haven't updated on the fish too recently, my little office tank is doing very well. In fact, I'm quite certain my gouramis are trying to breed. To prevent such a state, I bought and added a small filter to the tank and added four Cherry Shrimp. Shrimp are omnivores. So any eggs that fall to the sand, will get eaten and since I have just enough flow to prevent the bubble nests from staying put, the bubbles will break if the males do try to breed. So I have a two layered defense system against fry in this tank. The five gouramis are quite interesting to watch though. They're quite active and I love that I don't have to worry about the bioload too much with them. It's a really cool little tank. I do need to start feeding my plants though. They're not doing all that well since I don't have enough watts/gallon to support the luiga.

In other news, Dr. Dukes and Dr. Broadhacker have already opened up blackboard and posted the syllabus so I am getting ahead. I've already read the chapters for the first week of analytical and am currently making note cards to help me study. I want an A in a Chem class. I've had B's in the last two. I have been 3 points from an A multiple times during those semesters, but haven't been able to break that line. So I want my A. I'll be reading Organic this weekend. 

I finally got my Psycology book and I e-mailed my professor wanting to know which of these four volumes we are starting in so I can read ahead. Haha! I should know better than to ask a psycology professor such questions in a round about way. Always get straight to the point. Anyway, it should prove to be an interesting class. I'm just assuming we start  in Volume 1. I'm even going to go out and guess that we won't get to volumes 3 or 4 since they use these books in psyc 102 which I am not taking. I do not have the time even if I decided after this class that I would like to. Then we still have my Honors class. I haven't started reading that book, but it doesn't look too complicated to read, so I just have to sit down and do it. I'll plan to have the first couple chapters read before class on Wed. 

Well, that's about it for now. At least that's all that has happened so far. There are plans to do some cool things this year though. It should be pretty exciting. :)

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