I must say, Lander is much more interesting when people are here. This morning, the volleyball team was having a scavenger hunt and needed a group picture taken. Dr. Ball was out this morning talking to people as he crossed campus. Best thing about this morning though, nothing was wrong with any of my fish tanks! Huzzah! All five Gouramis were waiting to greet me when I walked into my office. I knew it would be a good day when I woke up to find Haru and Cinnabon were eating pellets. En-route to work, I helped a little lost dachshund find his way home. :)

I'm actually getting excited about this semester now. We have quite a few Chinese and Korean students coming to Lander. They'll be moving in tonight and orientation is tomorrow. I started making dumplings for Ms. Qi Lu last night and will finish them tonight. The dough was amazing! I made my first steamed bun last night and it was perfect! :D Now I just have to add meat. 

Well, I'm in my office again. My job today: get it organized for the upcoming semester. All the technology is updated and ready to go, now I have to get me organized.
My steamed bun!

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    My name is Rachael and this is my first semester as a sophomore. Even with the inevitable issues that are bound to arise, I feel up to the challenge and ready to take on my course load this semester. I just pray that my fish agree to behave.


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