My ability to lack on updating this appears to be uncanny. I will break that streak today. First off, I have changed my major. Gasps of shock and horror plague the air. Fear not my terrified readers, this is a good thing and there are very good reasons for it. I am now a Visual Arts major with an emphasis in Graphic Design. A dramatic change from Chemistry yet, I can't say I was this excited to start classes last fall. Chemistry is a great and fascinating field and I do encourage people to pursue it, but part of college if finding the career that is the best fit for you. Chemistry simply wasn't my best fit. It's a lot like picking the right horse and I don't mean that in betting terms. Star, my obnoxious mustang, may have mood swings, not be near as well trained as she should be, and a variety of other things, but even when I'm mad at her and I don't feel like there is anything that could make me forgive her, I still have to admit that she is my match. People talk about their significant other like that, but when you know, you know and I never quite knew with Chemistry. I grew up with art and computers, so it's a natural fit, but I've also grown up surrounded by businesses, which is why I am also pursuing a business minor. It should be an excellent match for me. I will still be in the science building and I'll definitely see my science people every so often, I simply won't be a science major any more. See? I told you there was no reason to fret.

As for the rest of my life...not much. Ha! We all know that's a lie and I'm sure that felt like a slight insult to you intelligence. There is always more. Next up, we have a change in my class schedule. I picked up a mini term political science class and dropped analytical chemistry. Best decision ever. Why you ask? It goes back to my previous point about finding your match and I needed time in my life and the combination of 330 and organic was simply too much. It's better this way.  I have a test tomorrow and I feel confident....okay at least more so than I have previously. 

What else, oh yes, I recently read a book! Shocking I know, I haven't even had time to update this and I read a book? It was a short read, took me a few hours and highly entertaining. It's called "A Princess of Fae." Quite an interesting and hysterical read. I am not a critic, so I will simply give you a few of my thoughts on this book. The interaction between the characters and the people not in the story is genius. Do check it out!

Is there more? Ah yes, I'm moving! Yep, again. Kelly and I found a new apartment complex that we quite like, so we are moving in next month. It will be awesome! I'll take pictures next time I'm over there. In the mean time, I'm driving back to Columbia right after my test tomorrow and driving back to Greenwood that night as we have another Open House on Saturday and I'll be working the Snoopy musical that night. It will be a good, yet busy weekend for me, but that is normal.

In the world of animals, the cats are learning the rules of the Christmas decorations quite quickly and we are all getting ready for Christmas. I have lost my little cleaner goby Haru and my clown goby to ick. I will be taking apart my 10 gallon tank fairly soon as I'm quite saddened by this and that will eliminate any further problems I could have with it. My puffer fish is doing smashingly with Cinnabon the cinnamon clownfish, even when Tigger jumped into the fish tank one afternoon. Needless to say, she hasn't done it again.

That's all I have to report today, or at least all that comes to mind.

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    My name is Rachael and this is my first semester as a sophomore. Even with the inevitable issues that are bound to arise, I feel up to the challenge and ready to take on my course load this semester. I just pray that my fish agree to behave.


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