It's kinda surprising to me just how much I adore my Cookie. She's my 6 year old tuxedo cat that I've had since she was barely 3 weeks. It's not just that I adore her. She actually took over the roll of my corgi Drumsticks when she passed suddenly in November of 2009. I suppose I should start out further back than that though.

When I first got Cookie, she was really sick and had to be quarantined for about 16 weeks. Not surprising since I practically picked her up off the side of the road. But when she finally came free from her sick room she met Drumsticks. Now, Drumsticks wasn't the biggest fan of cats...actually, she hated cats, but she was one of the sweetest dogs you would have ever met and wouldn't harm a fly, let alone the kitten now following her around like a lost duckling. Cookie adored Drumsticks, she would snuggle up to 'her' dog at night to sleep, follow Drummy around the house, meow at the door when she was outside for too long, and when we had to put her down, Cookie wandered the house crying for her dog for days after. It's been almost four years now and since then Cookie has done her part to fill some very big paws. Whenever I was upset, it was always Drumsticks who knew when I wasn't happy and would come to see if I was okay and then wait out the impending cry. Even when she was laying on the table at the vet, clearly in pain, and waiting on the shots that would take her away from her pain, she didn't care. Her biggest concern was that I stopped crying and she tried to lick my face since there wasn't much else she could do at that point. That's just the dog she was, she hated seeing people upset.

Well, I recently realized just how much of that role Cookie has taken over. I fell in my kitchen and really screwed up my knee a couple weeks ago now and Cookie immediately came running. This is the cat that usually sleeps and stares at you when you try to move her. Then today, after a follow up doctor's appointment where I was told that I probably have cartilage damage and will likely need knee surgery, I've been going through all kinds of emotions. Cookie plops herself in my lap, leans into my chest and purrs. That did it. I mean what else can you do in such a situation where you're completely stressed out. So I did just that, I wrapped my arms around my cat and cried due to lack of any other options. Needless to say, I feel much better now and Cookie is lounging about the floor acting goofy.

As much as I love my dog Tilly, she's great for making people smile, but she has no clue how to handle people that are stressed out and/or upset about something. Tibolt, my other cat, has the same reaction as Tilly, so I'm really glad that Cookie picked up Drumsticks' knack for comforting people, although she doesn't show it often.

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