So my awesome friend Adam (as we will call him), decided that for my birthday present, I would love an all expenses paid trip to Anime Weekend Atlanta. Adam was right! So, we started planning. I got home from Myrtle Beach and find out that Fantasia loves anime as well and is super jealous, so now the three of us are going and cosplaying as characters from this new show called RWBY. It's amazing!Adam and I are going as the Black characters, Blake and Adam, while Fantasia is going to be the White character Weiss. It's going to be awesome! Super excited!We have split up tasks. Adam is building the weapons, I'm taking the actual outfits and Fantasia is the make-up artisit/my assistant. So far, I've just started working on my outfit. I'm currently building the interior of the top and will then add a second layer so that all the stitching matches the newly uploaded 360 view turnarounds.
A lot is left to be done on this, but I think progress is good. Will hopefully finish the base pieces tomorrow and then be able to start working on the parts people will actually see. I still need to find those shoes and get some purple tights.That's it for now. Working tomorrow, so I need sleep!

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