Progress continues despite interuptions. Today, was continuing work on Blake's white top. I was finally able to get all the hand stitching done, a few seams aren't even, but once everything is together, you honestly won't notice since they'll be hidden. Tomorrow, I need to go back over the two exposed seams with the sewing machine to get a nice, tight, thick, black stitch to match the models. Then, that piece will be done and I can start on the shorts.
This piece is now two layers and I did just finish hemming the bottom, just didn't get a picture. Short and sweet for tonight!

Heh. So I'm Fantasia, huh? The fashion forward friend! Lol :D I think it's very cunning, lol. So I'm sitting in front of you right now and you just told me that you want to teach me how to hand sew. I may be fashion on forward, but sewing is intimidating!

Eh. I'll suffer through it!

Until later!

Fantasia the Fantastical Fashion Forward Friend


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