Summer is nearly over and it's time to get back into school. So far, I have everything but books. That's on my list to get soon.

In the mean time, I am apparently expecting. It's kinda of exciting. If all goes well, all three will be here the end of September. Yes, three. Triplets! A bit unusual, but exciting. Right now, they're little white eggs about the size of beans. What? Did you think I was referring to me? Haha! No. My long tailed lizards are breeding and I'm currently trying to create a proper environment to incubate the eggs. The only problem is that there is close to no information about care and raising eggs of long tailed lizards, so I'm going to add a section to my blog about "Things the Internet is Missing." You can read all about the trials and tribulations of hatching lizard eggs. My biggest concern right now though is that my female is going to lay another clutch of eggs. It's only a two week incubation and hatching takes 6 weeks. So by the time they hatch, I could have up to 6 more eggs. I'm tempted to let them continue this for now, but then I may have to just pull them and be like, "No more." Or, once I get these eggs into a proper incubation type thing at 83 degrees with 75-80% humidity, I switch them over to a winter environment so they stop trying to breed. Anyway, there will be more news about that in the new section of the blog.

Moving on, I'm moving my 55 tomorrow. It's going into my fish closet.  I will be setting up an Asian tank soon. But I need to not have a broke pet budget first. So that won't happen anytime this month. Maybe when the eggs hatch.

My geckos are doing well. I say geckos since I got a second one yesterday. He's so tiny! Literally, about as long as my thumb nail so I'll be getting him flightless fruit flies since they're the only thing small enough for him. I will take pictures soon.

Kk is doing better. She had been doing terribly, but after a visit to the vet, some new food and some supplements, she seems to be doing okay. So, word of advice, when you parents tell you they want to move their cat into your house as a temporary measure, make them sign a legally binding contract that they will take said cat back by a certain date and pay all said cat's expenses. That way, you don't end up like me. Basically owning a cat that has never been your cat, with a congenital eye problem that causes tear drainage and sneezing. Constant cleaning of snot off the walls, furniture, pictures, tables, fish tanks, windows, etc. What feels like up to your eyeballs in cat expenses just for the one cat and once again hearing your parents tell you to take said cat to the pound...where bad things have happened to good cats. Be sure to put into said contract that they will not take said cat to pound. 

There is my mini rant for the day. Mittens, Mary the new roommate's cat, is doing well. I'm calling my roommate Mary after Mary Poppins since they both bring smiles to children while they learn something. Anyway, Mittens has acclimated well to the other cats and the dog. She and Tibolt are the best of friends. Tibolt, on the other hand, has taken to peeing on my couch. *insert chasing cat around house here* So new problems arise in place of old ones. 

Fun times as always. 

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