Everybody loves sales on products they use. I took full advantage of this friends & family discount at Petsmart this weekend. I left with enough stuff to last all my critters for a few months for around $100. That's a big deal as you'll see when I go through this list.

So I had started out with a plan, but as always happens I never quite stick with it. So let's start with the dog supplies. Tilly is awesome, she only eats about a cup of food/day and will usually eat about anything. I have noticed though that she always looks better when on a higher end brand of dog food. She does however have a flaw. She is super attached to me, so when I leave the house, she gets destructive. Unless she has something to entertain her. I tried the Kong, turns out Tilly doesn't eat Peanut Butter and she ignores the treats. Shocking, I know. If I were a dog, I'd be all over that thing. So here's what I got for the dog.

1 32 lb bag of Authority Dog Food
1 8 lb bag of  Authority Dog Food
4 Cans of Authority Dog Food
1 Big Bag of Dentley's Bones
2 2pk bags of Dentley's Skin and Coat Bones
1 bag of Authority Dental Health Treats
1 Top Paw Dog Bowl
1 Clearance Treat Dog Toy
1 2013 Puppy Kit
1 Furminator Premium Dog Bath Package
So by combining coupons and sales, I made out really well here. I bought that 2013 puppy kit because you don't have to have a puppy to use it. Literally paid for itself that day. I was impressed.

The Authority dog food was on sale and for every bag of dog food you bought you got 2 cans of dog food. The huge bag of bones was on clearance for less than $5. The Treats were on sale, the dog bowl was on sale and that treat dog toy was in clearance for about $3. 
Now the puppy kit comes with coupons so I got $15 off one bag of dog food and the two cans for pocket change, then I used a $2 off coupon on that dog bowl to get it for 99 cents. The coupon for $10.99 off a dog bath (aka free puppy bath) paid for my upgrade. Then I still have more coupons to use which we'll cover later. Next up would be all the cat stuff. I have three cats, so a few coupons can go a long way with me.
1 5 lb bag Authority Cat Food
3 Cans Authority Cat Food
4 ProPlan Cat Food Cans
1 5 lb bag of Blue Buffalo Cat Food
1 10 lb Bag of Blue Clumping Cat Litter
1 Tag Works Fish Tag for Cookie
I made out like a bandit here. No joke. I knew this sale was coming up so I had started hunting down coupons. Authority Cat Food just so happened to be 20% off and for every bag of food you buy you get 3 cans free. So my I got all the Authority food for $6. I had a coupon for BOGO ProPlan Cat Food Cans which were also on sale, making them 35 cents 
a can. The Blue Buffalo Cat Food was on Clearance for $9.27, but I had a coupon for $3 off any bag of Blue Cat food, making that $6.27. The litter was sale priced at $6 and with my $2 off coupon, came to about $4. The Tag Works Tag, I had used the coupon from the puppy kit on bringing it $5.50. As I said, gotta love sales. Then we have my two other species fish and my finch.
1 Small Bird Cage
1 Bird Protector
1 Package of Bird Vitamins
1 Bag of Rite-Size Filter Pads
1 Bottle of AquaSafe
2 Glass Catfish
I didn't do as well here as I did with the others, but it's all stuff I needed. The birdcage was not on sale, but I loved it and needed to have a secure travel cage on hand. The Bird Protector is supposed to keep fleas and mites off your bird. With my animals and all the animals I work with/come into contact with everyday, this was a necessity. Again, no sales. 
The bird vitamins I wouldn't have gotten if Meep was a little older, but he's been a bit down the last few days and I've been concerned, so he needs the extra boost. The filter pads are never on sale. Neither is AquaSafe, but I had a $1 off coupon. The Catfish did have a slight sale though. They were $5.47 each.

Now I know that doesn't seem like the great sale I was talking about at the beginning, but you're forgetting something. This was during the Friends and Family sale, or better known in the store as Associate Appreciation Weekend. I got 30% off of my total. Now you can see where that turned out nicely. So yes, I was quite pleased and I still have more coupons to use as the sales arrive. However, I will be using that free puppy orientation seminar coupon shortly as I really want to see what it's like. It's been years since I've been to a Petsmart Training class. 2000, shortly after we got Drumsticks and there was an orange male tabby kitten learning all the puppy education. So yes, it's been 13 years since I've been to a petsmart training class. It certainly has expanded. They used to only offer puppy obedience, now there are about 6 different class offerings. Anyway, I was pretty impressed, but I'm working tomorrow, so I'm off to bed.

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