Well, I woke up Sunday morning to Meep acting really lethargic and sounding hoarse. That was scary. I had never seen the baby so still. So following the advice of the internet (not always the best idea, but I had little choice), I added a heat lamp and electrolytes. Today, he's back to his perky self. In fact, he escaped earlier and took a nice little flight around my bedroom. It was kinda funny when Meep was sitting on the saddle of one of my toy horses and then him hiding between the heads of some stuffed cats was just as interesting. I finally herded him into my bathroom and was able to catch him. It didn't take much to tire him out. So I reworked my whole cage set-up and he now has some extra room to fly around in. Now  the cats are mad that they are completely banished from my room, but tough.

In all seriousness, the cats will eat my finch if given the chance. No doubts about that. So to keep Meep safe from the cats and the cats safe from my wrath, it's just better to banish them from my room. Tilly is still allowed in my room though, but it's restricted. I'm back to sleeping on the futon since I can't seem to sleep with this heat lamp on so the cats still get to sleep with me. So now I just need to build a new cage. I'm going to match the size of my 55 gallon aquarium so it will be plenty big enough for the two tiny birds. I could even get a third if I wanted, but I think I'll start with two.

Meep is still a baby so I can't really say much about his mess. No joke, the kid throws half his food out of the silo. I have given him a bowl to help with that and I'm not planning to refill the silo anytime soon. I'm hoping he'll grow out of wanting to play with his food, but no promises. I still find him adorable, just you're typical little boy - wants to get into everything.

I'm going to be putting him on vitamins though. He was basically weaned on the truck, so he needs some extra tlc. I'm hoping to  have my flight cage built before I make a trip to Greenville this month, then I can hopefully find an adult male to keep him company.

Now I totally can't forget about the interesting window watcher Meep and I had the pleasure of meeting. This bird was a brown thrasher and it perched on my window screen. Meep and I got a bit of a shock by this thing about four times his size, perching on our window. He stayed there for a good 30 seconds and stared down my little finch, who huddled along the back of his cage. It must have been overly curious about the odd sounds coming from my window since zebra finches have a very distinct call. It's hard to mistake them for other birds here in S.C. All sorts of fun stuff has been happening here since I got Meep. :)

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