So, as you can imagine, problems arrise with costuming and my reaction is to make backup costumes. so I now have a female Kyuubi no Kitsune that is very close to done, and there is very little to do on Fantasia's Nibi cosplay. I'm super happy with this cosplay though. I'm very excited to show it off as I made it all by hand and you'd be hard pressed to find a thread showing. Just so you know, I will not be posting any pictures until the convention at this stage. I figure you can wait and I need to have something to surprise you with.Adam is now responsible for all final details on his costume. He's going to get the jacket embroidered...I don't do that. But the jacket is done...I say that, but I'm not exactly pleased with it. It works, but it's not perfect and that's going to bug me.My Blake cosplay is still coming along. I still have some details to finish, like the tights, but those are being dealt with this weekend. Other than that, I need to finish the shorts, iron the tail coat, do final fit, and make the arm pieces. That's it. So, it shouldn't be long. :)Weiss....Oh my gosh...That cosplay will be amazing! when I finish it. If I finish it in time, to my standards. Fantasia will be here tomorrow afternoon and I'm strapping her into it so I can finish the dress. Then we still have the jacket and shoes I haven't even started on. So yeah. Lots left to do there and less than two weeks to get it all done.
It should be a fun event though, I'm getting excited!
You're last pic til the con is of my ears. I took the advice from another con-goer to use crayola modeling clay to create the shape. I think they turned out rather well. I'll be covering them this weekend and then Fantasia can do a make-up check. And don't mind the stuffed animal. I can't exactly keep the drying ears on my head for three days.

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