Well, I definitely neglected my blogging duties over the course of the semester. It was a crazy! I had to change classes after drop/add the second week of school. Went house/apartment hunting with my parents the first month, then I went through  my first closing on a house in February. Parent's bought the condo and I am joint owner with my dad according to the paperwork. It was an interesting process to learn about. Then I moved, did projects, painting, etc with mom before she left after a week. Adjusted to living with my dad, tried to hang out with people, went to my first college party on the town (that was definitely an experience). Of course, I met new friends, hung out with some existing friends, took care of fish, dealt with the hassles of trying to create peace in the condo with fighting cats. I was able to read some good books, work on teams for classes, finish art projects, start a garden, move some fish tanks, move my parents, adjust to my mom living in florida, re-adjust to my parents living with me again during finals weeks, and finish off the semester with a 3.17. Not my best semester, but I don't think it was too bad considering all the unexpected stuff that arose. Scholarships are kept, and that was the main thing.

That's the short version of my semester. It was crazy! I'm not concerned about taking 19 hours next fall as I won't be moving myself or my parents, the projects should be about done, I have all the tanks under control now, the cat situation should be dealt with as it's improving slowly, and the only thing I will have to worry about aside from school and job will be adjusting to living with a new roommate. 

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