PictureCookie is acting playful again!
First topic of the day is the wondrous change in Cookie. Needless to say, There have been ups and downs with the whole cat situation, but the biggest issue was the Cookie was terrified of Tibolt and had absolutely no confidence. She was hiding all the time! Now, I have a very happy, confident kitten again! She has been stealing Tibolt's food bowl during feedings and thankfully, Tibolt just looks on patiently. Cookie even chased the laser pointer with Tibolt just a few feet away and better yet, she didn't flinch when Tibolt ran straight at her while chasing the laser pointer. I have peace in the house again!

This was no easy task. I had to create new spaces for Cookie, play with her, pet her, coddle her, re-introduce her to Tibolt, add litter boxes, spoon feed her,....the list goes on. It has been a very long four months. Now I have a new problem. Kk has recently decided to attack Tibolt whenever I try to get him to play. Don't misunderstand, I play with Kk too, but even after she's done, she'll come out of nowhere to attack him. It's not even Kk trying to play, it's all out war. Poor Tibolt, just backs down with this expression of sheer shock and confusion. So, now the games continue, but Kk is a bit more manageable than Cookie, as long as I keep an eye out for her and stop play as soon as she nears, the attacks never happen and the day continues once she walks off. 

Tilly is doing great! She went through an evaluation/orientation at Petsmart for Training. I love my dog and she is awesome for 90% of things, but she has a couple quirks that need some work. Loose leash walking is very high on my priority list seeing as she get's super excited when she goes anywhere out of the house. Then there's also the whole deal with jumping onto people as a greeting. If I didn't worry about her accidentally knocking down a child, it wouldn't be a big deal, but I have two nieces and a nephew all under the age of 5. There is simply no way I can allow her to not understand the rules of "sit for a greeting".

Orientation introduced me to the Easy Walk harness. Greatest thing ever! No joke, it went on and the difference was noticeable. She went from dragging me around the store, to not putting any pressure on me in the slightest with a simple change of harness. Needless to say, I'm sold! Walking the dog is now an enjoyable experience rather than a task out of duty.

The one thing I'm having to readjust to is the clicker. It's been 13 years since my last Petsmart Training class and 13 years since I last used a clicker for training. So yes, it's an adjustment, but it's coming back rather quickly.

PictureAll three boys piled in for the night
As much as I hate to admit it, I'm past the two bird point I had mentioned planning on previously. Bit of a funny story actually. I couldn't find any Zebra finches here in Greenwood, so I contacted a dude on Craigslist and was planning to get his one male zebbie baby. Sounds perfect right? Well it was: $5 finch, right sex, perfect age, great! Well, I get up there and the guy asks me if I was his sister too, she can't fly. So of course, I can't leave the poor girl behind and she comes home with me. It actually worked out well, since there was a female I could and did adopt with a missing toe. I was going to create a custom cage for them as my special needs birds. Well, I get home and about when I go to pick up the other female, guess what? Baby can fly! So I rush to finish half of my flight cage just enough for them to go into it since clearly the tiny travel cage wasn't going to work for two birds. So all was good, I had the divider panel built on the flight and I was all set to go on my four finches. Well, then we get this adorable little penguin zebra finch in. I had to buy him. I could not pass up that level of cute. And so, I'm at five finches. Meep, my largest and standard grey zebbie. Thunk, Meep's planned friend, a lightback. Eep, Thunk's supposedly flightless sister. Khaleesi, a light patterned chestnut flanked white with a missing toe, she's pretty. And finally, Guin, the last of my zebbies and an adorable little penguin.

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