Well, last night I left my lovely little kitten alone in my room while hyper. I was downstairs talking to my roommate and what I returned to find was newspaper shredded and laying in the middle was my cat. I couldn't help by laugh because he was so entertained by it. He acknowledged me then went back to shredding news paper. Cats are quite entertaining. Directly after this, he was looking complete innocent. That crazy cat.

I went shopping today and while I was at the Dollar Store, I found a little white mouse toy. It actually looks like a child's stuffed animal. Of course, I had to get it. Tibolt had no complaints. He ran about the apartment with it like it was the greatest thing in the world. Such a cute kitten. 

This afternoon, I picked up my friend Grace from the community garden and we headed out to the barn to ride. Of course, it was a bit "warm" so we  didn't do all that much, but it was still fun. After hanging out to cool off, we headed back to the apartment to make dinner. This consisted of some awesome steak and cheese ravioli. :) Hanging out a bit longer, we headed off to the Greenwood Drive-In Theater to see Brave and Avengers. Yes, we both already saw Avengers, but it's still awesome. :) Well, after Brave we both decided to be lame and go to bed early. So we left and then went to church the next morning.

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