Well, the Korean Students are here and I got to see them all on Thursday. They're a great group of people. I got to catch up with almost everyone from the Asia trip too. We all agree that we need to see each other more often. Dinner was a cookout held at the Vartanian's house. The food consisted of some great southern classics, casserole, mac and cheese, chicken, and then then classics of cookouts, hot dogs and hamburgers.

I particularly loved listening to them gush over the Vartaninian's wedding book. It reminded me of some great things that happened in asia, since that's exactly what I did when telling everyone how awesome it was over there.

It really made me miss all my friends in asia. Now, we just have to wait for James to come. I want to go with Bo to pick everyone up! Hopefully, that can be arranged. This fall should be awesome!

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