Okay, my lame level is rising by not updating this. I have a good excuse though! I decided to start a saltwater fish tank. So I've been a bit busy with the fish...sort of. I don't have fish in there yet. I've been preparing for them, but no fish yet. First I have to let the tank cycle with the live rock then we will work on adding fish. I've built a refugium and a protein skimmer, bought a new light and a variety of other things. I should be able to add my first fish next week though. :)

In other news, Petco is now in Greenwood and the Korean Summer Study is underway. I get to see them all on Thursday for a cookout at the Vartanian's house. It will be fun! Outside of that, I've been working. I mean I have actually been busy, but I feel I would bore the average person with all the details of the fish related tasks I have been busy with. Just kidding! Don't worry, I have more to tell. :)

I did go to Gatlinburg, TN last weekend with my parents. It was a lot of fun! We went to a show called Country Tonight and they were awesome! We also went to a murder mystery dinner show and visited a lot of local artisan's stores. It's always impressive to see the local pottery, woodworking, leather work, etc. We stayed at Creekstone and the room was very nice with a view of the creek. Gatlinburg is not a sleepy little country town though. It's a tourist stop, so if you ever go, plan on being reminded of Orlando, FL. 

This weekend has been spent with friends and fish. I spent Friday adding sand to my tank. Friday night was spent with Grace, we watched The Artist and Sherlock Holmes 2. They were good. The Artist is based on all the classics of old black and white movies so if you enjoy a good black and white movie, I recommend it. If you're not into old movies, you probably won't like it and if you've never seen a black and white movie, watch one then refer to my prior two points. Sherlock Holmes is always good. Nothing bad to ever say there. We had pancakes Saturday morning. :) Then we headed back to my apartment to hang out for awhile. Grace eventually had to leave and I went out to see Star.

Today has been fun too. The morning was spent laying around and watching movies. Then my roommate and I headed to Petco. We are a pair and soon will live in a zoo. We left after she bought two mice. Then we had to high-tail it up to Greenville so I could drop her off for band practice and meet up with a lady from the S.C. Aquaria Association to buy an aquarium ornament for my catfish. They will love this thing! It's over a foot long and has a variety of crevices for them to hide in. I just have to wash it tonight and it can go in tomorrow. :) Then I can take updated pictures of the tank and the catfish. At which point I will be at work and I can give you all the updates on the fish. Right now, I'm at Starbucks and I always recommend iced Chai Lattes. They are awesome.

What else is going on? Well, my birthday is in one week! What am I doing for it? Not much. My parents are taking me to a show the night prior and then on Sunday I'm planning to treat myself to finalizing my tank plans and will hopefully get my first fish in on Wednesday. It's nice to finally be rested up, now if I could just remember to update this more often and take my camera around with me, then this would be a much more interesting blog.

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