Well, my roommate got a couple of mice a few weeks ago and now she is unexpectedly expecting. So we now have two mice, two cats, my fish and will soon have mouse pups. Next, I went to Petco and saw that they had a bunch of Molly fry. So, of course I have to pick up all 30 of them. So we have two mice, two cats, my ever growing fish population and the expected mouse pups. Then, one of my bosses asks me if we want a kitten. My roommate and I discuss this heavily and eventually realize there is no point in fighting it, we want the kitten. So next week we will have two mice, three cats, my ever growing fish population and we expect the mouse pups to be born by then. 

Why does this constitute us getting along so well? Simple, we both know the responsibilities with the ownership of these animals and know that we are up to the challenge involved with raising them. Also, my ever growing fish population has a purpose. I plan to sell some of these mollies once they are larger. They are temporary, then I can set up the tank how I originally planned to. I want a flame angel and will be setting up the tank that the fry are in as a frag tank. 

There are many reasons why we get along, but this is just one main reason. There are many reasons, but I'll leave those for another day. Lately, I've just been a bit tied up with my stats class. My final is tomorrow. So I'll be working on that. I'll be much more active on here once I get done with this test. Anyway, that's it for today.

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