I love the functionality of a futon in a small space. You get a couch and a bed rolled into one item. So now, I'm trying to make the futon fit the space. As you can see from this picture that was taken mid-move, it simply doesn't match anything else going on. 

First on my list is to create a cover for this awful fabric. Now, I'm trying to do this on a very limited budget, so I decided to use a sheet and some safety pins for the main part of my cover. Digging around, I discovered a beige sheet. I didn't want white with all the animals running around and the beige flows nicely with the chair. But it's just too much beige. So I wanted to test out the idea of having one large stripe in the middle. Grabbing a handy blanket, the stripe was created. The purple doesn't go with anything, but I like the one large stripe.

Next up is to hunt down a blanket or sheet in the correct colors and for the right price. Then with the stripe in place, I'll add some decorative touches to the cover using large buttons and this cover will be done. Pillows will be recovered and the frame will receive some alterations to  make it match the space.

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    May 2013