I was looking for a lighting solution and came across this idea for a yarn lamp shade. I'd been thinking about a blue lamp to accent the space, but I hadn't been able to find a shade solution I particularly like. This yarn idea was a great fit. It's simple, artsy and blue. It also worked out to be a great use for my bundle of yarn.

The process was a very simple. I created a new metal frame out of a coat hanger, then wrapped a lampshade in plastic before winding the yarn around the shade. Finally, I covered the yarn with a simple modge podge solution to insure that it holds its shape.

As always, the best part of the diy is the cost. This cost me absolutely nothing as I used things I already have.

The idea came from here: http://cdn.homedit.com/an-original-yarn-lampshade-can-make/ They have a tutorial on creating a yarn lamp shade. All that's left for this project is to create a solution for the actual lamp.

Update: 5/30
Not one of my three cats has touched this and I found a lamp at the Salvation Army for $3 that fits the shad really well. So I'll upload a picture of that soon. It looks great!

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