OMG! FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is that time when all college students simply want to die, but don't because we're so close to being done. With my current grades, I have a semester GPA of 3.38. I'm pretty happy with all the craziness of the semester. Now I just have 3 tests left and I'll be done.

In the mean time, we're not moving. I know, we were, but lots of crazy stuff happened and now we're not. *sigh* I can't even keep up with my own life, I can imagine how you all must feel.

As for this weekend, I ran home because I was completely freaking out. So I took my cat Tibolt and my dog Tilly to get their picture taken with Santa. It was awesome!

I'll take some time to sit down and update this properly later this week. For now though. I have finals on the brain!

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    My name is Rachael and this is my first semester as a sophomore. Even with the inevitable issues that are bound to arise, I feel up to the challenge and ready to take on my course load this semester. I just pray that my fish agree to behave.


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