I have started looking for a local vet that can service all my animals. Dogs and cats are easy. There are tons of those, but finding a vet for finches is proving difficult. Ideally, I'll be able to find a vet who can service all my animals in one sitting. Finches don't need to go in for yearly exams and such, but I want to know where I can take 'Meep' if a situation arises. I may just end up taking Tibolt to the mobile pet van for his yearly shots. I have no issue with it, but yearly shots are a great chance to test out vets you don't know and see if you even like them.

So, I'm continuing the hunt. Cookie isn't due until August, so I'll have another opportunity to test out a vet, but I'd love to get both cats done at the same time, but they just be a next year project. We'll see. For now, everyone is happy and healthy. 'Meep' has started trying to sing, so that's been pretty cool. It may take him a few more weeks to master the calls. It's pretty cool, but no signs of Kinta.

More on 'Meep': He took his first bath since I got him today. It was adorable. Water went everywhere!, but so worth it! Absolutely going to have to get a bird bath for my backyard now! Watching them dry off is really cool too. I got a little salsa dish from Ollie's for my bird bath, "but hey, it was 99 cents!" (Macklemore, Thrift Shop).  'Meep' likes that song too. Haha!

In other news, check out Tetra's facebook page if you're starting up a new tank. They post informational videos and coupons. So  check it out! It's all promotional for Tetra products, but I've been using them for 10 years, so have no fear about using their stuff. https://www.facebook.com/TetraProducts/info

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