Well, the trip back from Beijing was long and exhausting. Thankfully, I was able to take naps for the next three days and yesterday was the first day since I've been back that I didn't take that nap. I'm still struggling to get back on a normal time schedule and keep waking up around 4 or 5 a.m. It's not fun for me as I generally hate mornings and can't find a way to stay tired enough to not get up. Good news is that I'm finally back in Greenwood and I got moved into my new home for the next three years.

I am in an apartment about 10 minutes from school (if you hit the traffic lights) and it's very exciting. My roommate is cool. She was a science major and works at one of the major science companies here in Greenwood. She also has a cat named Toby. He's as big as my cat Cookie. No, Cookie is not moving in with me. She is staying at home with my parents. There is no doubt that she would fight with Toby constantly. So, I got another cat. His name is Tibolt. He has been at the barn since I got here and was actually born only a few weeks before I started school. He moved in last night after I visited the barn. I had only been planning to stop by to check on Star and see the cats, but he just ran right up to me and I just had to take him home. Tibolt has now had a bath, his nails are trimmed up and he is comfortably sleeping all over my room. 

My room is almost completely unpacked now. I'm quite pleased myself since I just got here yesterday. I quite like my eclectic style. It fits me far too well. That's about it for today. I'm heading to get the final details of my job sorted out tomorrow so wish me luck!

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