Sleepy Kitten.
Well, summer has ended and quite a bit has happened in the last couple of weeks. I got a new tank which is now Kelly's. I bought a firefish, a cinnamon clownfish, a couple mollies, have a bunch of babies, set up a gourami tank and that's just what I've done with the fish.It's been fun getting everything ready for the semester. But finally most everything is ready to go, so the semester should start out on the right foot. :)

Instead of telling you all the things I've been up to, I decided it would just be easier to show you. So please look at the slideshow below.

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    I am a Sophomore at Lander who has friends all over the world. I am also a Chemistry major, Secretary of the American Chemical Society, a Presidential Ambassador and an honors student. There is always something to do and it just doesn't leave me enough time to talk to everyone that I want to.


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